The World's Wife

During my stay in Macedonia (about which I’ll speak in a near future, or at least I hope so) I discovered a lot of amazing literature, like this book from Carol Ann Duffy that made me believe again in poetry.

The World’s Wife Original title: The World’s Wife. Author: Carol Ann Duffy (UK, 1955 - ). Content: Little Red Cap, Thetis, Queen Herod, Mrs. Midas, from Mrs. Tiresias, Pilate’s Wife, Mrs. Aesop, Mrs. Darwin, Mrs. Sisyphus, Mrs. Faust, Delilah, Anne Hathaway, Queen Kong, Mrs. Quasimodo, Medusa, The Devil’s Wife, Circe, Mrs. Lazarus, Pygmalion’s Bride, Mrs. Rip Van Winkle, Mrs. Icarus, Frau Freud, Salome, Eurydice, The Kray Sisters, Elvis’s Twin Sister, Pope Joan, Penelope, Mrs. Beast, Demeter. Year: 1999. Genre: Poetry. Language: English. Read in: English. Publisher: Faber and Faber, Inc. Pages: 76. Size: - ISBN: 0-571-19995-X.


Plot outline This book is a compilation of legends and myths seen from the point of view of the women present in them; either wives, girlfriends, lovers or even the female main characters of the stories, such as Penelope, Medusa, Little Red Cap…

Comment without Spoilers As this book is a compilation, and a poetry one, this will be a really short post, for I can’t write about many of the aspects I usually do and I don’t really know how to face a comment about a book like this.

The point of view in this poems is ironic, sarcastic and critic, completely demythologizing and, many times, really cruel. But, of course, always with a very ingenious content. Also, the literary style is impressive, being very refreshing and fitting perfectly with the content of the poems.

The edition is nice, but not perfect. The book is robust and the paper has a very good quality. However, the printing is not always as clear as one would desire, and that part could be improved.

As I said in the introduction paragraph of the post, Carol Ann Duffy really made me believe again in poetry, as I found this book really amazing, and you can’t imagine how much I enjoyed reading it. The only drawback I found in it is that it’s really short… I wish it were longer!

Carol Ann Duffy

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