Warsaw: Impressions

It’s time to get to the last “long” stop of The Baltic Trip, but this is not the last post I will write about it. In Warsaw Geotag we stood for two days (instead of only one day, like in the other places). After here, we took the Hell’s train to Gdynia, and from there, straight to the ferry to Karlskrona Geotag .

Warsaw - Palace

Warsaw, as you may already know, is the capital of Poland, and the 8th largest city in the European Union, with about 3,350,000 inhabitants in its metropolitan area. It’s placed about 370 kilometers from both the Baltic Sea coast and the Carpathian Mountains, on the shore of Vistula River.

Although the first settlements on the location of the current Warsaw are dated on the 9th century, the modern city was established in 1300 by the Prince Bolesław II of Masovia, who was born in the nearby city of Płock.

Warsaw - Sculpture

During the World War II, around 85% of the city was destroyed, but in the years after the war, many of the historic buildings, like churches, were completely restored. Alongside with them, a lot of large prefabricated buildings appeared, making a really strange mixture in the city.

Although the city tries to pretend greatness and being a peak of culture, the feeling I got from it is that it was a very gray and dirty city; depressing and without a really interesting lifestyle.

Warsaw - Palace of Culture and Science

The truth is that since I went to Berlin some years ago, I got so in love with that city that I desperately wanted to go to Warsaw, as I expected it to be like Berlin, but with a stronger communist feeling. However, when I got here I got deeply disappointed, as it didn’t offer what I was expecting. Anyway, and fortunately for me, what I was wrongly looking for in Warsaw, I found it in Riga Geotag , the beautiful capital of Latvia.

I know my words are hard, maybe too much… as you can, of course, find really nice and interesting places to visit, like the nice Royal Baths Park, the Saxon Palace, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier or the Palace of Culture and Science, to say only some of them. But they are very specific places, and the feeling they gove doesn’t extend to the rest of the city.

Warsaw - Palace on the Water

So, as you can see, Warsaw is not a city I particularly loved… in fact, to me it was the worst visited place during The Baltic Trip, and I wish I had spent here only one day, and dedicate the other to, for example, Kaunas Geotag . But well, that can’t be changed now.

Maybe part of this feelings are coming from how tired we were in this last stages of the trip. Also, probably if I come to this city again in the future, I would change my mind about it, but as of today I can think in many alternative interesting places to visit before this one.

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