Karlskrona: Impressions II

Barely 4 days after finishing The Baltic Trip I had to return back to Spain, leaving the city that has been my home for 8 months and a half. A place in which I’ve lived both some of the best and also some of the worst moments in my life. A place in which I’ve left a lot of important memories.

Karlskrona - Houses

Although Karlskrona Geotag is a very small city (as I said in previous posts), I didn’t really feel oppressed or trapped in the city. Maybe the biggest problem that came from having such a small size, is that there were barely a handful of night clubs to party in. But of course you could also find alternatives to that.

From all the places I’ve visited during my life, I still think that Karlskrona is the most beautiful one I’ve ever been in. It’s wonderful in any time of the year, and there are always hidden great places to discover in the nature that surrounds it.

Karlskrona - Path

One of the problems I see in Karlskrona, is that it doesn’t have a nearby airport with a real low cost company (Blekingeflyg only flies to Stockholm, Gdańsk and Visby), so for traveling, you have to rely on the railway network (which I have to say that is excellent) or on the ferry line that goes to Gdynia. So the international tourism projection from the city is quite limited, and it requires you to move to a bigger metropolis as a middle step on many of your trips.

An important drawback of the city is its university, the Blekinge Institute of Technology (Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, BTH), which is really young (I’m older than it), and thus, it lacks both of prestige and important economical resources, which means that its technological equipment at the moment is quite limited.

Karlskrona - Outbounds

As a comment, I also have to say that the BTH is many times used as an entrance door to the Swedish educational system by foreign students, and that many of them, during their first year at BTH, apply to other Swedish universities with more prestige.

Despite its size, Karlskrona has a franchise of most of the important chains of the country (except IKEA :S), such as ICA and WiLLY:S (where you can find Eldorado products :D). And there I found two shops I really fell in love with… Åhléns for house ware and Brothers for clothing. The design of the things sold by them is usually really impressive.

Karlskrona - Polhemsgatan 27

To get adapted to the rhythm of life from Karlskrona is really easy, even if you take into account the cultural differences that separate Swedes from the rest of nationalities that you can find in the city, such as Spanish, Iranian, Pakistani, Chinese, USA, etc. What it’s clear is that sometimes it can be hard to mingle with the natives in a regular basis, but usually the only thing needed for that is time. A lot of time.

Because it’s curious, as Swedes there seem to have a lifestyle quite sociable inside of their circle of friends, but in the beginning they are usually very reluctant to maintain any relation with people outside that circle, aside from giving some help when needed.

Karlskrona - University

Well, I don’t really know what else to say… there are so many feeling and thoughts coming to me that I feel unable to express them. But what I can say is that I love this place, I think it’s a small piece of Heaven on Earth and that I’d really love to go back anytime soon.

Karlskrona Impressions:

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