The Running Man

Aside from the trips, I’m getting delayed with the list of books I’ve read, so… let’s try to get a little bit up to date with them!

The Running Man Original title: The Running Man. Author: Stephen King (USA, 1947 - ), writing as Richard Bachman. Year: 1982. Genre: Science-Fiction. Language: English. Read in: English. Publisher: Signet. Pages: 318. Size: - ISBN: 0-451-19796-8.


Plot outline Ben Richards, needing money to buy medicines for her severely ill little child, decides to go to the Games Federation, who runs several violent and deadly TV programs, in order to get the money by becoming a participant in them.

Comment without Spoilers This book really surprised me when I read it… not really because of its overall quality, but because I read it in just one night, after just a couple of breaks, and I can remember only one other time in which that happened to me.

The fact I stated in the previous paragraph happened due to the fantastic narrative rhythm, which is really fluid and hooks you up, making you just want to read, and read, and then read a little bit more. And the good point is that that fluidity is maintained through the whole novel.

The story begins in a very interesting way, with a great presentation of events. However, as you advance in the novel, it begins to get a little bit awkward, as the events presented start to lose their neat logic connection, giving you the feeling that in the end, the novel was just being written for the sake of it.

The plot is viewed exclusively from the point of view of Ben, as it’s the only character the novel focuses on, letting us know exactly what’s going on in his mind at every step of the story.

The background set in the book is one of the best points of the novel, as it’s very well depicted, and it shows an interesting hypothetical future that, sincerely, I think it might not be as crazy as it seems at first sight, even more after taking a look at the path that TV is following lately.

The edition I read wasn’t precisely what I would call very good. The binding was robust and of good quality, but that’s something I can’t say about both the paper and the printing. But anyway, for reading it in just one day, is not entirely bad.

So, even though it isn’t one of the best books I’ve ever read and I don’t consider it one of the “musts” of Science-Fiction, I have to say that it is interesting and really entertaining. Also, I want to add that there’s a movie with the same title based on the novel, but it’s not really an exact representation of the book.

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