Things Accomplished in 2008

Again a new unscheduled stop in the blog… I’m sorry, but it’s just that I’ve been incredibly busy (and sick) this last month. I promise I’ll try to work a little bit on it during this days.

Things I wanted to do that I’ve accomplished:

  • Continue reading in English: Done, as you can check here.

  • Continue writing in English (and improve it!): Done, I think, although lately I’m not writing much in here, hehe.

  • Finish my degree project: Yeah! I finished my degree, at last!.

  • Travel to at least two foreign countries I haven’t been in yet: Here I have had a brutal success! Here’s a list of the countries I’ve been to this year. The ones to which it was my first time have a (New) next to it:

  • Get another certificate of English: I took the TOEFL iBT test, getting a 105 / 120, which is not bad.

  • Get a real job: I began 2 months ago, but finally I got a real job (paid with real money, too!).

  • Be at least as happy as in 2007: Despite some really hard times I have lived this year, I can say that, overall, it may have been the time of my life :).

Things I wanted to do that I haven’t accomplished:

  • Do some windsurfing: I haven’t had much time with all that studying, traveling and working….

  • Do some scuba diving: For this, is just that I haven’t had the chance to do it.

  • Get the GRE: The same as the previous two.

Unexpected extras:

  • To do exercise regularly.

  • I dyed my hair in red: In Milano, on December 31, hehe.

  • Nothing else that could be written in here :P

By the way, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you! Specially to all the people that actually reads the blog :P

Enjoy this new year!

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