Espanish Tribute, by Craig Rea

Well, I’ll do a brief stop to speak about something I’ve never commented before… a cocktail!.

The fact is that I’ve already done one of the things in my To Do List for 2009. Specifically, visiting a country in which I’ve never been before, being in this case Netherlands.

To celebrate it, my friend Craig (to whom I was visiting), who aside from other many things, is a bartender who loves to prepare cocktails, improvised a nice one. The recipe? here you have it:

Ingredients for Espanish Tribute, by Craig Rea:

  • 2 parts of vodka.

  • 1 part of Malibu.

  • 1 part of Cointreau.

It’s amazingly sweet and smooth, and it barely tastes like alcohol. Really delicious believe me. But the truth is that is really strong, with about 35% of alcohol.

So… try it at home! But be careful, it goes to your head really fast, hehehehe.

Soon… more posts about trips!