Hidden Beach in Lake Ohrid

Well, it seems that this is going to be the last post in this series about Macedonia (Македонија), at least until I go back there, hehe. So I’m going to close it with some really beautiful images.

Almost 40ºC, dry sand surrounding you and a slightly dangerous path sneaking between some trees and running down a slope. The reward? A really small paradise hidden in the small paradise that is Lake Ohrid (Охридско Езеро) Geotag .

I don’t remember exactly were is this beach, as it’s almost hidden and there are no signals leading to it. But I think that if it’s not the one marked in here Geotag , it’s really close to that area.

Ah, Macedonia… such a nice time I spent there. I just hope someday I have the chance to go back, because it really is a marvelous country. If you have the opportunity to visit it, don’t miss it. I won’t :)

Ohrid and Prespa Impressions: