Mrs Dalloway

So, after this Macedonian Series, it’s time to get back to some books… In this case, Mrs Dalloway, the first book I’ve ever read from Virginia Woolf, but for sure, not the last one.

Mrs Dalloway Original title: Mrs Dalloway. Spanish title: La Señora Dalloway. Author: Virginia Woolf (UK, 1882 - UK, 1941). Year: 1925. Genre: Drama, Stream of Consciousness. Language: English. Read in: English. Publisher: Penguin Books - Penguin Popular Classics. Pages: 213. Size: - ISBN: 0-14-062221-7.


Plot outline It’s London, after World War I, and Mrs Dalloway is preparing one of the frequent parties she holds at her house. Then, an old lover of her, Peter Walsh, who was living in India, appears, making her rethink about all her life up to that moment.

Comment without Spoilers Although the plot of the story is quite simple, and it revolves just around a regular evening in someone’s almost daily routine, it’s in that daily routine, not only from the main character, but also from the supporting ones, where the novel gets most of its strength.

The main point of the novel is how it presents the thoughts of the characters, their inner motivations and how they think and behave in relation with the others. The technique Woolf uses here is called stream of consciousness and I find it just amazing, although it makes the reading and understanding of the novel a little complicated as this resource appears at least in 90% of the book.

The scenarios in which the events of Mrs Dalloway are held are very few, and the truth is that they barely have any kind of importance, as the main points of the novel come from the minds of the characters, not their actions.

Although the scenarios, as I said, are secondary, the background of the story is well depicted and it shows in a detailed way the structure of the British society as well as some of its customs and behaviors.

The quality of the edition I read was really bad, but it’s also true that I couldn’t expect anything else, as its cost is like 2 or 3 EUR. Probably it won’t last more that 3 or 4 readings, but eh, at that price you can always buy it again if you want to!

I really loved this novel, as I found it really interesting and refreshing, mainly because of the stream of consciousness. But on the other hand, that can be also a kind of drawback, as reading Mrs Dalloway trying to pick up every detail is really hard, at least for me, and it took me a long time to finish reading it. Anyway, I think is a great novel, suitable for everyone.

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