Geneva: Impressions

After my trip around Macedonia, I had to go back to the real life, because I got a call to have a job interview at CERN, as I got to the final part of the selection process for a staff position.

Lake Geneva

Taking advantage of that, I decided to stay about one week at the place of a friend I met at Bratislava Geotag and spend some days doing some tourism around Geneva Geotag and the surroundings of Saint-Genis-Pouilly (the place where my friend lives).

Geneva is located in the west of the country, really close to the border with France. It’s the second most populated city, just after Z├╝rich, with a population of about 190,000 in the city and a little bit more than 800,00 in the metropolitan area.

Geneva - Downtown

The city is really beautiful, and while you wander in its streets, because of its architecture, many times you feel as if you were immerse in a fairy tale. This manages to give to Geneva a really warm and welcoming feeling.

The presence of water in the city is really notable, as it’s in the shore of Lake Geneva, whose presence dominates the center of the city. And well you know how much I love that in a city, so it makes Geneva win a lot of points as a possible place of residence.

Geneva - Park des Bastions

The weather, at least while I was there (around mid August) was fairly irregular, alternating constantly (along the same day) between heavy rain, and clear sun as well as between cold and warm temperature… it was really difficult to know what to wear for a day out, as you never knew what to expect.

With Swiss natives I barely took contact, as I spent most of the time with my non-Swiss friends, and when I happened to ask someone on the streets, it was always a foreigner working on one of the innumerable international organizations you can find in the city.

Geneva - Bank

Geneva is a nice city to visit and do some sightseeing, and by the way it looks, probably also for living there, as that’s the feeling I got from all the foreigners I spoke with. Anyway, I got such a good feeling from Switzerland that I’d like to visit it for longer, visiting other cities on the way.


Now, this last picture is an extra.. that’s me right after my job interview at CERN… and one tip I can give you and that I’ll remember if I ever happen to do another job interview there… you don’t need to wear a suit and a tie :D

Geneva Impressions:

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