Selling Manhattan

I really need to get up to date with the posts I write. I read this book in the middle of November! But hey, time to time.

Selling Manhattan Original title: Selling Manhattan. Author: Carol Ann Duffy (UK, 1955 - ). Content: Practising Being Dead, Die Natalis, Sanctuary, An Old Atheist Places His Last Bet, Strange Language in Night Fog, I Live Here Now, Homesick, The Dummy, Model Village, The Brink of Shrieks, Recognition, Absolutely, And How Are We Today?, Psychopath, Every Good Boy, Yes, Officer, Statement, Money Talks, Selling Manhattan, Politico, Scraps, Stealing, Translation, Colours by Someone Else, Three Paintings, Mouth, With Soap, Big Sue and Now Voyager, All Days Lost Days, Foreign, Postcards, Correspondents, Telegrams, Telephoning Home, Space, Space, Lovesick, Strange Place, Only Dreaming, By Heart, Warming Her Pearls, Deportation, Plainsong, Miles Away. Year: 1987. Genre: Poetry. Language: English. Read in: English. Publisher: Anvil Press Poetry. Pages: 62. Size: - ISBN: 0-85646-295-0.


Plot outline This is the second collection of poems ever published by Carol Ann Duffy, comprehending from her famous monologues to love poems, all of them with her characteristically satirical and ironic point of view.

Comment without Spoilers Again, as it happened to me with The World’s Wife, this is going to be a really short post, as I still haven’t managed to find a way that satisfies me while commenting poetry and collections of poems.

The truth is that, after thinking a lot about what I could write about this collection, I determined that the feelings I got, and what I wanted to write, is almost exactly the same as I did the last time with a collection by Duffy.

That is, that her style is completely refreshing and impressive, and that I particularly love the beauty of her poems and how she expresses that using her ironic, sarcastic critic and, sometimes, cruel style… just amazing.

The edition by Anvil Press is quite nice. The binding isn’t excellent, but it’s good enough. The quality of the paper and the printing is really nice, with very white sheets and a really easy to read typography.

Once again, with this collection Carol Ann Duffy made me appreciate and love poetry like I rarely do. But once again, the only drawback of the collection is that it’s really short, and even reading it slowly to analyze every poem, you finish it really fast.

Now I just remembered that some time ago I reproduced in this blog one of the poems of this collection: Foreign. Enjoy.

Carol Ann Duffy

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