Bruges: Impressions

I my stay in Belgium, the second stop was Bruges Geotag , where I spent a great relaxing day wandering around its streets and channels, with nice weather and a lot of time to discover the city.

Bruges - Canal 3

Bruges, like Ghent Geotag , is placed in the Flemish part of Belgium and really close to the border with the Netherlands. Its population is about 115,000 inhabitants, with approximately 20,000 of them living in the historic center of the city.

The first important settlements appeared when the Romans built fortifications in the first century before Christ, and soon the city began to gain importance in the area due to its port. From the XVI century the city began to greatly decay, and it wasn’t until the second half of XX century when Bruges began to regain its past glory.

Bruges - Square 2

This fairytale city is really wonderful and beautiful. It’s known as the most medieval city of Belgium, and I personally find it really impressive, and enjoyed a lot of hours getting lost on its streets.

Bruges is also known as the Venice of the North (alongside with other cities, such as Stockholm Geotag ), due to being such as heavily canal-based city. And you all know how much I love that kind of cities full of water everywhere.

Bruges - Canal 1

In the time I spent there, the weather wasn’t too irregular, or at least not as much as in Ghent. It’s true that although it was mostly sunny, there were a couple of showers, but nothing too exaggerated, fortunately. Also, it wasn’t really cold, but well, it was October, so not much cold could be expected.

About the nightlife and the people I can’t really say much, because I couldn’t go out at night, and most of the people I saw while doing some sightseeing seemed to be tourists like me (we all were really easy to spot, hehe).

Bruges - Square 1

A couple of days before writing this post, I watched the movie In Bruges, because in the train station of the city I found out that they were selling official maps of Bruges for the people to visit the key points of the film. Although I didn’t buy it, as I always prefer to go on my own.

Anyway, I can say that the movie is quite good, and that the parts of Bruges shown in it are really beautiful… well, but maybe that’s because the city is that beautiful :P I really recommend that film.

Bruges - Canal 2

So, as you can expect from my comment, I loved Bruges. A lot. And I think it might be a great place to live for some time, as it lets itself to be enjoyed a lot. So aside from recommending the film, I recommend the city too :P

Bruges Impressions:

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