Burning Chrome

Well here I come back with the last book I read in 2008… I know it’s quite late, but better late than never!

Quemando Cromo Original title: Burning Chrome. Spanish title: Quemando Cromo. Author: William Gibson (USA, 1948 - ). Content:

  • Johnny Mnemonic.

  • The Gernsback Continuum.

  • Fragments of a Hologram Rose.

  • The Belonging Kind (with John Shirley)

  • Hinterlands.

  • Red Star, Winter Orbit (with Bruce Sterling).

  • New Rose Hotel.

  • The Winter Market.

  • Dogfight (with Michael Swanwick).

  • Burning Chrome.

Year: 1986. Genre: Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk. Language: English. Read in: Spanish. Translation by: José Arconada and Javier Ferreira. Publisher: Minotauro. Pages: 200. ISBN: 84-450-7383-4.


Plot outline In this short stories compilation, most of the texts are unrelated, so there’s no underlying plot connecting them. The only exceptions are Johnny Mnemonic and Burning Chrome, as both of them are set in the same universe as Neuromancer ES .

Comment without Spoilers This collection puts together the first stories published by William Gibson, and that appeared in different magazines and science-fiction anthologies and in them we can observe how Gibson’s particular style of narration was slowly taking shape.

Several of the stories were nominated for different science-fiction awards, such as Hugo, Negula or Locus. And those were right nominations, as the quality of some of the stories is quite astounding.

The translation by José Arconada and Javier Ferreira is not bad, but sometimes the language used and the composition of the sentences seems quite artificial. Anyway, the text is good enough for it to be enjoyable.

The edition published by Minotauro is nice, although not outstanding. The printing is mostly neat and the quality of the paper good, with very whitey pages. The binding is not as robust as one might want, but it’s a pocket edition, so you can’t expect much in there.

I personally encourage the reading of this Burning Chrome, as it’s a great way to see the initial steps of Gibson, and also of seeing how the basis of the cyberpunk genre were steadily being established in the roots of the contemporary generation of science-fiction writers.

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