Back Again?

Well, so it seems that again I left this blog a little bit unattended, hehe. But I have to say that I had good reasons to do so, or at least that’s what I think :P. The truth is that I was really busy both with my job and my personal life. And also with a new project that will begin from mid August.

This project will involve me leaving behind my job, my family, my friends and my home country again. And for that I will have to go back to live in Sweden, although this time in Stockholm instead of Karlskrona.

The thing is that I got a seat at the Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (The Royal Institute of Technology) of Stockholm, to study a 2-years Master of Science in Systems, Control and Robotics. This is something I had been planning for a long time, and that has been guiding my steps for, at least, a couple of years. So I guess that right now I can say I’m incredibly happy, as everything is going almost perfectly :D

Although I have already arranged almost everything, there’s still one thing left. And it’s a thing that is as important as getting the seat aat the university! That thing is… getting a place to live in! That’s right, I have nowhere to sleep in, but I hope I’ll fix that soon (Anyway, If you think you can help me, just contact me :P ).

Aside from all that… well, I wanted you to know that I haven’t forgotten about, and that soon I’ll be posting again in a more or less regular way. And I say more or less because I have some trips scheduled, like, for example, going again 2 weeks to Slovakia (and Austria) by the end of the month, hehe.

Soon (like in a couple of days) you’ll have more posts to read in here. And I hope I’ll get to speed soon, because I still have some trips pending from last year (and of course, from this one).

So… see you soon!