¿Me Pone con el Cielo?

Well, another book to the collection :D

Me Pone con el Cielo Original title: ¿Me Pone con el Cielo?. Author: Various. Year: 2008. Genre: Comedy. Language: Spanish. Read in: Spanish. Publisher: Espasa. Pages: 202. ISBN: 978-84-670-2963-5.


Plot outline This book doesn’t have any kind of plot, as it’s just a collection of anecdotes that happened in the call center of a phone information service.

Comment without Spoilers The anecdotes present in this book are classified into different categories, and most of them, aside from being short, are more or less funny and curious, but not really outstanding.

The binding of the book is of good quality, being quite robust. The paper of the pages is quite white and they have a medium thickness. The quality of the printing is also good, being neat and clean.

This book is fine for a light reading or for when you don’t have a long time to focus in a more deep and intellectual book. Anyway, it’s good for having a nice time with it.