Summer Breeze

So, the Summer keeps going on, and plans and travels are just popping out from everywhere.

After spending two great great weeks in Bratislava and 4 amazing days in Vienna, I’m slowly getting back to my regular life. But not for long, as in just 6 days I’ll visit beautiful Budapest again (I’m really waiting for it :) ) and in less than one month I’ll move to Stockholm… I already found a place to live in there!

So, arranging all of this, combined with having a life, and having to work as hard as ever, is not letting me much free time for the blog, but I really hope I’m able to recover part of my previous writing rhythm. If not, well, in a couple of weeks you’ll see another post like this one, or like the one I published 3 posts ago, haha.

Anyway, I’m still alive. And happy :)