Milan: Impressions

Last update: 2009-08-14

Finally, with this post I finish with the trips I did during 2008, and at the same time, begin with the ones I’m doing in 2009. How can that be? Well, because I went to Milan Geotag , Italy, with the sole purpose of celebrating New Year’s Eve in there!

Milan 2

Milan is in the north of Italy. It’s the second most populated city of Italy, with about 1,300,000 inhabitants; but it’s metropolitan area is by far the largest in the country, with approximately 7,400,000 inhabitants. Also, it’s known as one of the world capitals of design and fashion.

The first settlement to appear in the area of Milan was around 400 BC, and under the Roman regime it got the name of Mediolanum. Since then it has been under control of other countries like Spain, France and Austria between others, before becoming definitely Italian again.

Milan 1

The downtown of Milan is a nice example of Gothic architecture, but that area is very small. For the rest of the city, the predominant architecture you can find is tall and grey concrete buildings. The streets are usually wide, but unfortunately, I don’t really know why, I feel them dirty.

The climate is very constant, and in December is really cold and wet. It rains a lot and it’s not strange to find snow covering parks and streets. But the snow makes a beautiful view for places like Sforza Castle

Milan 3

I find the people from Milan a little bit weird sometimes. Usually they are open and talkative, but sometimes during the night (and the parties) it’s hard to see them in an open mood. I remember being with my friends shouting “Buon anno” (Happy New Year) and greeting everyone on the streets, and people were really reluctant to say anything back.

Nightlife in Milan is good, but maybe too expensive. For me it is complicated to imagine myself partying regularly in pubs or discos in there. Or at least buying all the drinks in there.

Milan 4

I enjoyed my time in there, but there’s not really much to see in Milan, and in just one day you can calmly visit everything. I’ve already been there twice, and I don’t really think I would go back there if I have the chance to visit other places.

I would like to post pictures, but right now I’m away on a trip. I wrote this picture before leaving, but I forgot to upload the pictures, so… you’ll have them when I get back to Madrid.

Update 2009-08-14: Finally, I managed to upload the pictures :D

Milan Impressions:

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