About me My name is Carlos Hernandez, and I’m living and working in Madrid (Spain), where I recently came back after 9 months living in Karlskrona (Sweden), a country to which I hope to move again soon. In June 2008 I finished my Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications with emphasis in Electronic Systems from Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid. Currently I’m working in Madrid for a telecommunications company.

Despite my passion in telecommunications, electronics and control systems (about which I don’t talk often here), I have plenty of hobbies (most of them you can wonder from the categories of the blog), but maybe the most important one is that when possible, I like to travel and stay in different countries for long periods, because I think that getting to know different cultures is one of the best things one can do to develop himself as a person. That’s why (together with other reasons), I’ve lived and visited several countries. You can find my impressions about some of them in this blog.

About the blog I started writing this blog in September, 2005, which in the beginning it was in Spanish, and despite I was quite lost because I didn’t know what could I write about, I slowly began to find a purpose for it. It was to write a culture guide-like document for myself, that I could use from any place with internet connection, and mixed with important things I wanted to remember.

Soon, it began to be an easy form to communicate with friends I couldn’t see often, and despite one of it’s main uses is the culture archive, the communication side has grown a lot lately. In fact, due to the growing amount of non-Spanish speakers friends I’ve met in different ways, from September, 2007, I began to write it in English.

For further information about me or the blog, you can read it :D .