This Year's Objectives

Last update: 2009-07-19.

So, here I have the list with my objectives for this year ^^

  • Do some windsurfing.

  • Do some scuba diving.

  • Continue reading in English.

  • Continue writing in English (and improve my skills!).

  • Continue doing exercise regularly.

  • Begin a Master of Science in a foreign country (preferably, Sweden :D ).

  • Travel to at least one foreign country I haven’t been in yet (this is getting harder each year, hehe): Done! :D.

  • Study seriously a language (Spanish and English are not valid).

  • Get a certificate of that language.

  • Get the ITIL.

  • Get a license for driving motorcycles.

  • Be at least as happy as in 2007 (as happy as in 2008 would be really difficult… ).

Will I be able to do all of them? sincerely, I doubt it, hehe, but life is for dreaming it, and making those dreams real.

And here, the List of Countries I’ve set foot on this year. The ones to which it was my first time will have a (New) next to it:

  • Spain.

  • Italy.

  • Netherlands (New).

  • France.

  • Austria.

  • Slovakia.

  • Hungary.

If you have comments, use this post, please: To Do List 2009.

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